A trusted High Costs team

If you are in need of advice from a High Costs team, contact the experts at Jarrett Costing Services Ltd.

Our High Costs team

Our High Costs Team provides a comprehensive breakdown of all potential High Costs in care proceedings and an analysis of the most beneficial route to take, be that under a traditional case plan or under CCFS. As standard practice, we diarise key dates therefore ensuring the contracts reflect the most current Court timetable and therefore, the most accurate costs position to be agreed upon. We have been successful on numerous occasions in ensuring the Legal Aid Agency register cases under the desired scheme, as opposed to under CCFS by default, thus ensuring our Clients’ costs are not capped and costs dramatically reduced. We also undertake the preparation of High Costs Case Plans in other certificated non-family work including immigration and judicial review matters.

Bill Processing Service

We also offer a bill processing service, whereby we can assist our Clients in submitting claims to the Legal Aid Agency’s CCMS by providing electronic XML files, which can be easily uploaded to CCMS. This is a great time saver, as it avoids the need to manually enter all information onto CCMS on a line-by-line basis. The billing software that we use is one of few programmes around that can create these types of files which are compatible with CCMS.